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Getting Your Pictures Seen on the Scene

Getting Your Pictures Seen on the Scene

Photographers know it is their portfolio that attracts new customers. However, when it comes to portfolio exposure, are you making the most of your best work?

The easiest way to get portfolio exposure is your social media presence. Unfortunately, your social media posts do not give your favorite, referral-building shots their optimum look. For that, you need to give your potential clients exposure to printed media.

As everyone knows, social media users spend only split seconds viewing digital images on social media. Plus, digital images posted on social media compete in a noisy, disorganized feed of text and images.

Contrast that with the effect of one of your portraits printed 30X40 and hanging above a cozy table at a popular restaurant.

Photographers can often form partnerships with public establishments for the display of their photographs. This allows the public to view a quality print of your work. Plus, frequent rotation of the displayed photographs allows you to display various types of photography and give your clients creative ideas for their next session.

Imagine your photograph hanging at your favorite restaurants

Besides restaurants, we have listed a few creative places for getting your work on display about town. Hopefully, you may be able to make arrangements which are mutually beneficial to both you and the recipient of your photography exhibition.


Ask a local realtor about supplying a few of your photography selections for houses which need staging. Often realtors will coordinate the staging for their listings or may be able to put you in contact with a local home staging professional who can work with you on what types of images work best for their properties.

Bridal shops

Bridal shops often want to display quality images of past clients wearing their beautiful gowns on their wedding day. Such images create a special atmosphere of anticipation for their shoppers. Coordinate with bridal shop owners on how many and what size images might work best for them. Be sure and stop by frequently and get to know the sales professionals there so they can more easily call you by name if the subject of wedding photography comes up with new clients.

Bridal shops are an excellent place for wedding photographers to display their work

Doctor/Dental offices

Medical offices, especially pediatrician, dental and general practice offices, are often looking to create a cheerful waiting area for their clients and may consider updated portraiture a good fit. They may be interested in high quality portraits and may even have specific settings or images in mind. Your advice on what types of images might make for a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere would likely be welcome. Be sure and take samples of your work with you when making your pitch. This will allow them to visualize how your portraits might enhance their waiting area.

Daycare facilities

Your local daycare facilities will likely love the idea of having beautiful portraits of smiling children hanging around their facility. You may even want to plan a portrait calendar for them which will include seasonal changes in the displayed photographs. These changes will make your work more noticeable to parents who arrive on a daily basis to the daycare and can feature some of your creative ideas for seasonal portrait shooting. The daycare may also be willing to distribute your information in the welcome packet they provide to new clients.

Senior Citizen Centers/Retirement Communities

Both senior citizen centers and retirement communities often have large common areas for resident and guest socialization. Stop by and see if you can offer your photography services to enhance these areas. You may even be able to negotiate both display and brochure artwork with a coordinated theme. Further, many families may want to work with a photographer who can schedule sessions at the retirement community to make it easier to include their elderly family members who aren’t up for an extended photography session in a studio. Creating some examples of your work in that very setting gives family members great ideas about getting a family photographer scheduled with their loved-one.

Of course, you can still use these images for your social media marketing efforts if the subjects and clients are in agreement. This way, you will be able to give your exhibition partners some social media love at the same time. Such posts demonstrate not only your talent but your standing within the community. allows your future clients seeing your work on public display to act fast and book a session using Be sure and let us know if you have been successful at getting your photographs on display.  We love to hear your success stories.



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