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How To Select a Real Estate Photographer

How To Select a Real Estate Photographer

Why hire a Real Estate Photographer for your property listing?

Simple.  95 percent of home buyers start their search on the internet and high quality real estate photography enhances such listings substantially. makes it easy to book an experienced Real Estate Photographer in your area.


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Before you book your Real Estate Photography Specialist, we have gathered advice on how to get started.

First, review Real Estate Photography Portfolios from a number of prospective photographers.

Spend a few hours reviewing real estate photography and you will quickly see evidence of careful real estate staging. This portfolio review accomplishes two goals: it helps you select the best photographer for the job and it helps you determine if your property is ready for the photography session.

Likely, you’ll see clearly that great real estate images are about space and light. Your rooms must be free of clutter and feature clean surfaces which reflect light.

Any items that cannot be cleaned to a near new appearance should be carefully edited for display, particularly fake greenery, decorative pillows and detailed collectibles. Here are other room-by-room tips for prepping your real estate to make the photographer’s job easy.


Clear counters of all be one or two items so light can reflect off shiny surfaces. Try to keep corners free of items. Clear refrigerator of any items to detract the eye from the clean lines. Hide cleaning supplies. Make sure any under counter lighting is working properly.


Put of fresh bar of soap out or a new soap dispenser. Hide all cosmetics, toothbrushes and cleaning supplies. Invest in new display towels. Put fresh toilet paper rolls on dispenser. If your bathrooms now remind you of luxury hotel bathrooms, they will make prefect real estate listing images.

Living room

Make sure all lamps work properly as they will likely be used in the images. Vacuum carpet and chairs. Remove excess decorative objects. Curtains, drapes and blinds should be in excellent condition.

Dining Room

If your table has extensions, experiment with proportion. Often taking out any extra inserts makes the room look bigger. However, do not crowd too many chairs around a small table. Take chairs out if necessary. Make sure table is clean and reflects light.

Master Bedroom

Remove everything from dresser top to reflect light. Make sure lamps work and are used in photography. If you have an office area in the bedroom, consider moving it for the photography session. Curtains, drapes and blinds should be in excellent condition.

Outdoor space

Don’t forget to prep outside. Driveway and sidewalk should be clean. Power wash if necessary. Outside furniture should be clean. Invest in some outdoor color – new throw pillow, potted plants, etc.

Questions to Ask a Real Estate Photographer when booking:


How much lead time will I have in scheduling?

This is important. You will want to do some last minute vacuuming and dusting. If the house isn’t ready, the photographs won’t look the best they can be. A photographer who can’t give you a good estimate on when the photo shoot will occur may not be the one to work with.

Can I submit a few photos of my real estate for a quick assessment?

If you have any last minute concerns about staging, your real estate photographer may be able to answer questions about specific challenges.

Check with your listing agent to see if captions are needed for the photos. If so, will the photographer supply captions or the real estate agent?

You want the captions to draw attention to your home’s best features. Descriptions do matter and it is important that whoever writes the captions knows how to create interest with the captioning.


Many real estate photographers charge by the square footage. However, if the property is large and/or requires a number of outdoor shots, the photographer may quote an hourly fee. Make sure you find out about how many images the photographer expects to provide for the session and how fees will be calculated. Lastly, verify when the images will be delivered to the listing agent.

Why Professional Real Estate is worth the investment.


Real estate photography is a time consuming process.

Often, single indoor spaces cannot be best presented using one shot. Instead, real estate photographers shoot multiple images of each scene in a variety of lighting.

They combine these images into single image that contains the best exposure on the various focal points in the room. In particular, windows will tend to need their own exposure due to the extra light in that area.

If you use low quality photos, the light may be right in the center of the room but windows and corners will be over and under exposed. These are the photography challenges that a real estate photographer corrects in editing.

Further, real estate photographers pay careful attention to the angle of each shot. They want to present the room in the most pleasant visual way.

However, they also want to give the viewer a good understanding of the flow of the room. Such images allow the viewer to put together the house in their imagination, almost inviting the viewer inside.

Be sure and check out the PhotogBooker Pintrest Real Estate Board for more ideas of how to make high quality real estate photography sell your property for you.


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