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Paris Photography Tour

Paris Photography Tour

Want to make sure you get the most memorable images from Paris?

If you are planning to hire a Paris photographer at, you may want to specifically ask for some work samples featuring these iconic locations:

  1. Eiffel Tower/Tocardero – Set out for Tocardero and pose for the Eiffel Tower at a distance shot. This setting offers a perfect Sunrise shot of the iconic tower with you and your party fresh for a day of French living. Optimum Shooting: Early Morning.  Find Your Paris Photographer
  2. Place de la Concorde – The grounds surrounding place de la concorde is full of timeless photography locations. Pick a spot by the Champs Elysee or stroll through the Tuileries garden for lovely fountain and statuary scenery. The Louvre is close to this location is you want to work in a shot featuring the Modern side of Paris. Optimum Shooting: Early Morning.  Find Your Paris Photographer
  3. Alexander III Bridge – Featured in many romance in Paris movie scenes, this deck arch bridge spans the river Seine. The bridge features Parisian lamps that anchor your shot with local interest. Sunset photos work best at this location, allowing you to capture the Eiffel Tower once again in the dying light. Night shots are popular from this location as well so bring some French wine and stick around for various lighting options as night falls in Paris. Optimum Shooting: Evening to Night.  Find Your Paris Photographer
  4. Notre Dame/ Ile de la Cite – In this heart of Paris, the cathedral is located on a small island of Ile de la Cite and offers up architectural details on every street. The crowds, here, will be the main challenge. If your shot requires a little space, be sure and walk the short distance from Notre Dame to the ‘Hôtel Dieu’ (Hospital in English). Visitors are often unaware that you can typically enter the courtyard of the hospital for free and admire the stunning architecture and protected gardens. Optimum Shooting: Offers many angles for all day shooting.  Find Your Paris Photographer
  5. Bir Hakeim Bridge – This location again offers incredible view of the Eiffel Tower but be sure and take time to line up a shot between the bridge’s graceful columns. The columns line up in pleasing symmetry below the bridge and provides many artful touches as backdrops. Optimum Shooting: Offers many angles for all day shooting and is also a good place to duck out of the Paris rain.  Find Your Paris Photographer

Our Paris photography experts tell us that it takes at least an hour to cover each location.

If you can’t book each spot, take a look at our Pintrest Paris Photography board and pick your favorite location. Once you have your favorite location wrapped up, you can take more casual shots at the remaining sites.

The main thing is to enjoy your Paris photography session in Paris.

Creating art is very Parisian.

Be playful and experiment.

Find Your Paris Photographer


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