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Jennifer Roper Photography Photographers

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I am consistently asked to describe my approach to photography. It is not a coincidence that these words also describe myself as a person. Relaxed, Modern and Candid. I go into much greater detail on my blog so instead of repeating that info here is 9 random things about myself both professional and personal

1. I live in Silverlake, but have lived in a short time Prague and really want to live in Paris

2. I watch a lot of trashy, embarassing TV while I edit photos

3. I started wanting to be an artist by drawing Snoopy and graduated from art school, Otis Art Instutute to be exact

4. I will travel pretty much anywhere, any time, any chance I get.

5. I am not a perfectionist because I love imperfections

6. Toasts and 1st dances are some of my favorite moments of a wedding to see and shoot

7. I love gourmet meals just as much as I love carnival food and food stalls

8. I have a crazy daughter named Romy and her photo is on this site a few times

9. I always travel with a petanque game .. just in case

9.5. I hate getting my photo taken


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