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Instead of shooting sports, Dallas native Joe Smoe started out playing sports. When his playing days were over, he wanted a way to stay involved with the action, the competition and all of the drama that unfolds in sports – both on and off the field. His passion turned from creating great moments on the field, to capturing those great moments from the sidelines.

Shooting in the studio is where his photography began, but most of Joe’s work now happens shooting on location, anywhere from high school gyms to Division-I stadiums, and everywhere in between. His expertise is shooting with a small crew – usually just himself – in a very short window of time, with a minimal amount of intrusiveness into the subjects’ schedules. While Joshua is still learning, he’s found that each shoot brings about new learning opportunities and continued growth, and hopefully happy art directors and editors.

So far, Joe’s career has given him the pleasure of working with the best and brightest athletes, coaches and administration in Texas and the surrounding region. When he’s not chasing down an athlete or shooting from the sidelines, Joe still enjoys playing sports recreationally, attempting to run with his wife, and teaching his two-year-old son how to swing a bat or throw a ball.



Wedding Photography

  • Basic

    up to 3 hours of coverage, 1 photographers, photo book

    $ 155.00
  • Classic

    up to 5 hours of coverage, 1 photographer, photo book

    $ 156.00
  • Standard

    up to 8 hours of coverage, 2 photographers, photo book, engagement session, 16x20 canvas print of your choice

  • Premium

    up to 10 hours of coverage, 2 photographers, photo book, engagement session, 16x20 canvas print of your choice

    $ 5

Other Sessions

  • 2 Hour Couple

    2 Hours couple photo shoot

    $ 250.00


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