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Stefen Turner Aerial Photography Photographers

New York, NY, USA

Aerial photography for advertising, corporate communication, and 3D design visualization

I work with editorial, advertising, and corporate clients seeking publication-quality aerial photography for advertising and corporate communications. Much of my work is for the A-E-C community (architectural, engineering, and construction firms) who also use my pictures as the basis for doing 3D-design visualizations.

Not all aerial photography is created equal. Creating publication-quality aerial images is not an easy task. The photographer is working in a hostile environment of harsh lighting and lots of unwanted motion. If done poorly, the images will do more harm than good for the client.

Clients turn to me when they need uncompromised images shot in a professional manner. Aerial photography is my specialty, not merely a side-line. I deliver precisely composed, properly lit, and richly detailed images of landscapes and architecture that showcase the special allure of a client’s project, all from a unique and very dramatic perspective!

Economical alternatives such as drones, are tempting to some clients on tight budgets. Unfortunately, publication-quality aerial photography is a very “hands-on” thing. The photographer needs to be interacting with the camera directly, seeing the aerial scene with his/her own two eyes and making adjustments to the camera accordingly. You can’t do this with a drone, and therefore image quality will simply not be what it should.

I shoot all jobs from helicopters flown by pilots who truly know how to “fly for the camera”. Drones may be less expensive but like many things, you often get what you pay for.


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